A Charlie Brown Christmas
Live stream
Heather Pierson, piano and vocals; Shawn Nadeau, bass, and Craig Bryan, drums, will perform Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at the Majestic Theatre.

A Charlie Brown Christmas was originally telecast in December 1965 and was an instant hit with audiences who connected with Peanuts creator Charles M. Schultz’s cast of characters – especially with its rounded-headed hero Charlie Brown, his woefully scrawny Christmas tree, and his typewriter-wielding dog Snoopy. Nearly given the ax by CBS studios at the time of its release, this beloved holiday classic resonates with both children and adults of every generation. Over fifty years on, it still holds up as one of the most endearing Christmas tales ever told, and the story of commercialism run rampant echoes clearly to this day.

The musical score for “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” composed by the late Vince Guaraldi, is just as poignant and touching as the story and includes the hugely popular hit “Linus and Lucy”. His gentle jazz riffs established musical trademarks that, to this day, still prompt smiles of recognition.

The trio will perform the entirety of the Charlie Brown Christmas album as recorded by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, as well as other Guaraldi compositions.

Based in Conway, New Hampshire, The Heather Pierson Jazz Trio also performs a rich variety of Heather’s originals, jazz and blues standards, and unique re-workings of familiar American music. Heather is a pianist, singer/songwriter, and performer known for her bell tone vocals and equal parts New Orleans-Oscar Peterson-Dave Brubeck jazz piano leanings.
First Friday: George Wiese and Friends - Discover the American Harmonium!
George Wiese, Mountain Top's Executive Director, is one of a handful of musicians internationally who maintains a small collection of reed organs and specializes in performing repertoire composed specifically for them. The American Harmonium, also known as the reed organ, experienced a heyday around the turn of the last century but has faded nearly into obscurity.
Wiese will perform on an organ built in 1906 by the Mason & Hamlin Organ Company of Boston, MA. The program includes four pieces by Arthur Bird, who was commissioned by Mason & Hamlin to write music showcasing the unique specifications of their instruments. "Six Romantic Pieces," Op.103 by Sigfrid Karg-Elert (champion of composing for harmoniums of all varieties) challenge the capabilities of both instrument and performer and evoke landscapes of the Giant Mountains region bordering Poland and the Czech Republic. Wiese will take advantage of the concert's multi-media venue by incorporating historic paintings and photographs of the locations referenced in the music into the performance.
Joining George Wiese on stage will be violinists Aaron Pettengill and Julia Howell and cellist Kari Jukka-Pekka Vainio, for a complete performance of Antonin Dvorak's "Bagatelles," Op.47 - the most well-known piece of chamber music to feature a harmonium.
Enjoy this unique concert experience!
First Friday: A 24 Hours of Music Sampler VIDEO AVAILABLE
Did you miss some of the faculty and friends performances during our 24 Hours of Music event last month? Catch a selection of them here!
Ready to stream at noon on Friday, May 7, and available until Thursday, June, 4.
Tom Snow and Ken Peplowski - VIDEO AVAILABLE
Premier pianist, recording artist, educator and arranger Tom Snow performs with nationally-know jazz clarinet/tenor sax virtuoso Ken Peplowski... get ready for a good time, live from the Majestic stage! This is a 24 Hours of Music event.
Recording available until the end of April. Your ticket is good for 3 viewings. Concert starts at about the 00.02.30 mark.
REST ASSURED - Louie Carbone's Last Play
Hear Louie Carbone and his band do their thing on the stage of the newly-renovated Majestic Theater in Conway, NH! Louie will play the magnificent Steinway B piano (which he donated to the theater in memory of his mother, Mary Lou Holland), and perhaps other keyboards as well. He'll be joined by bassist Eric Tourjee and drummer Puffy Frasca.... and several more local talents. A benefit for Mountain Top Music. Get your ticket code now!
First Friday: Chad Cummings - Original Piano Compositions - a 24 Hours of Music concert VIDEO AVAILABLE
Mountain Top guitar and piano instructor Chad Cummings plays his very personal style of original piano compositions.
Premiers Friday April 2; recording available until the next scheduled First Friday event.
José Manuel Lezcano, Classical Guitar VIDEO AVAILABLE
José is a twice Grammy-nominated Cuban American guitarist, composer, folklorist and professor of music at Keene State College.
In solo recitals, Jose performs a variety of musical styles: works by Spanish and Latin American composers; his own original works; and music of J.S. Bach, his contemporaries, and admirers. Jose also plays original Latin-flavored compositions, and has composed four concertos for guitar with orchestra accompaniment. He has premiered his works with professional orchestras in New York City, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, and New Hampshire.

This is a live event, so if you join late you will miss part of the concert. But don’t worry – a recorded version will be available on demand starting the next morning, so you can catch anything you missed. And if you miss the whole concert, you can log in with your ticket code and enjoy the show any time until the end of March.
Pre-concert talk with José Lezcano
José presents a live, interactive Zoom talk on Thursday, March 18 at 7 PM - hear how he chose pieces for this concert, and ask questions about his music and career.
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